Monday, January 8, 2007

Treo Alarm works for me

I downloaded a copy of Treo Alarm for my Palm Treo 680.  I wasn't expecting much, but what a pleasant surprise!

We have a new timekeeping system at work and I was always forgetting to log in and out at lunch time.  Treo Alarm lets me set an alarm to remind me of several events during the day.  I can change the tunes that play for each type of alarm.  Life is good.

And!  It gets the weather for me so I know how to dress after it wakes me up in the morning.  I can check the weather at the same time I check the time.  Life is good.

And... it's not too expensive... only $18.50 for a year's subscription.  Life is good.

For those of you worried about crashes and resets on your Palm 680, this little piece of software has caused me no trouble at all.  Life is good.

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