Sunday, January 7, 2007

Children of Men

Children_of_men_posterToday's movie was Children of Men (**** Very good).  It's based (loosely, apparently) on the P.D. James novel.

It's 2027, the near future.  The world's population has become infertile, and people are aging.  Suicide drugs are sold over the counter.  Order (not!) is maintained (not!) by armies all over the world.  Illegal immigrants are public enemy #1 and 'fugee camps are cruel encampments.  In London, England, our unlikely hero is given the task of saving the mother of the first child to be born in many years.

He travels with an underground group of resistance fighters, then through an ugly countryside and a refugee camp in order to help her escape.

Clive Owen is wonderful, as is the rest of the cast.  It has gotten very good reviews.

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