Monday, January 29, 2007 on Tailfeathers

I added a new widget (link to information) to this blog.  It's called AnswerTips.  You can double click on any word in my blog entries, and information will pop up.  For example, you could double click on the word Bidwell, in the phrase Bidwell Park and see information about Bidwell park in Chico, CA.  Cool, eh?

Which brings me to the web site  They have a section called "Today's Birthdays".

Richard Brautigan was born on this day in 1935.  He is one of my favorite authors and poets.  Too bad he ended his own life.  Who knows what more he could have written?  Go ahead, double click on Brautigan for more information....

Note (2/12/07):  The widget has been fixed by and now fits in my left column.  Very nice.


  1. Hi 'Tailfeathers'!
    Wow, you totally blew us away with that entry. We're totally cheering you on at
    If you have any suggestions or comments about the feature, please share (LizC at
    Also, you are invited to submit your blog to our Blog Directory. I will personally add you. You can find the application here:

  2. Who knew that watched my blog? Can you fix the widget to be smaller? (See bottom of left column.)
    Tailfeathers blogger

  3. Hey Diane,
    Actually, we resolved that problem a couple weeks ago; if you go back to the Typepad widget page for AnswerTips (, you can see we posted a better icon (just copy and paste the code again).
    Let me know if there is a problem (lizc at answers dot com)
    Note from Tailfeathers: Thanks! It's better now.